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Waste to Energy

Handling over 100,000 tonnes per annum of industrial and commercial waste an established waste and recycling operator were facing increasing costs associated with the handling, preparation and export of refuse derived fuel to Europe. Reduced capacity and a trend of rising costs would significantly disrupt the operation and the viability of this process. Our client, keen to come up with a long-term solution to this critical de-stabilising factor.

The Challenge:
European RDF assets are reaching capacity with demand outstripping supply making the negotiation of low cost, long term gate rates impossible for many Regional RDF exporters. Further, as tonnes are secured the focus on plant efficiency has intensified meaning quality over quantity has become micro-managed; the onus on improved pre-treatment sitting squarely with the Regional operator adding further costs to the operation

The Solution:
Packaged Group acted as consultant and broker for the Regional Waste Operator and led negotiations with UK and European Asset operators to secure 15 years fixed rate gate fees into a UK plant from 2020 without the need for the Regional Operator to pre-treat aggregated dry waste. Long term market advantage combined with lower operational costs will save our client £1M p/a.

If you have a similar opportunity to the one mentioned above and would like to discuss the possibilities of reducing your waste, please contact us.